Understanding Garage Door Styles and Features

One of the most common questions we get regarding new garage doors is, "What are my options?" With such a wide range of options, it helps to break this question down into a few parts, a couple of which are Garage Door Styles and Garage Door Features.

Understanding Garage Door Styles

    Traditional style garage doors usually have a raised panel design and are the most common garage doors available. Options include short panels and long panels. A single garage door usually has four short or two long raised panels per each main panel. This style is appropriate for many home styles.

    Short panel garage door Long panel garage door

    Carriage house garage doors are usually higher end and less common. They are designed to be reminiscent of historic carriage houses. Carriage house style garage doors open like a normal garage door, though commonly look like they could swing or slide open like a true carriage house door when shut. Carriage house garage doors are inspired by historic carriage houses, but look great on contemporary homes.

    Contemporary style garage doors span a large variety of anything out of the 'norm' such as tempered glass garage doors on aluminum frames. Contemporary doors are a great compliment to modern style homes with other high-tech elements.

    Understanding Garage Door Features

    Garage doors are available with many features. No longer is a garage door a simple metal sheet. Modern garage doors may include features like: Dual-wall, insulated construction, Advanced-strength materials, Decorative glass windows, No-pinch seems and Heavy duty weather seals.

    If you have questions about selecting a garage door or would like to see some options, please contact us here or call 704-661-9070. Our Charlotte, NC garage door showroom allows customers to compare garage doors side-by-side. Contact us if you'd like to see our garage door options first hand and we'll be glad to provide a demonstration of some of the garage door options available.

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