Keep the Heat In! Tips for Sealing Your Garage Door

Whether you know your garage as a workshop, storage room, auto museum, or man cave, the winter months can quickly turn your garage into an ice box. A cold garage is not only an inconvenience to anyone wanting to spend time in the garage, but can be bad for stored electronics as well. A proper weather seal helps keep your garage insulated and warm. Older garage doors may have ripped, torn, warped, or missing seals. Sealing a garage door with weathersrip is something you can do on your own or hire a professional garage door company to do for you.

Sealing your garage door can increase the temperate by as much as 10+ degrees inside your garage, especially if your garage walls are already insulated. A garage door seal also helps to keep bugs out and quiet down your garage space. If you have a bonus room over the garage, sealing the garage door is a better insulated garage means less energy usage to heat that space.

An experienced garage door repair company will be able to get the optimal seal and best looking results. However, if you choose to do this job yourself, you'll need the garage door seal material, available at Lowe's or Home Depot. You'll need the top, side, and bottom seals of the garage door. Top and side seals typically come in a beige color. Bottom seals typically come in black. The seals come with basic instructions and hardware, but experience makes a difference here.

When applying the top and side garage door seals, make sure the short side goes against the frame and the long side presses lightly against the door itself. The top and side seals will be nailed around the frame of the garage. Make sure to cut the corners so that there is no overlap of the seals, but a tight seam instead.

We recommend a professional garage door service replace your garage door seals to ensure a proper and quality job. The seals are an integral part of the garage door system. They can become an obstruction if done improperly and a critical insulation contributor when done right.

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