Tips for Cleaning Up and Organizing Your Garage this Spring!

Spring is upon us! Time to venture back into that spiderweb and dust covered structure called a garage and put it to proper use! While you were busy keeping warm and cozy inside this winter, your garage was keeping your tools, yard equipment, and convertible in good condition for warmer months. Those months are coming and it will be time to put your tools to use, do some yard work, and take that convertible for a spin! All these things are much more enjoyable with a clean and organized garage, so we've put together some tips to get your garage back into shape!

Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage

  1. Start by cleaning out your garage. Get rid of all the junk, trash, and things you'll never use. Free up some space and take a liberating trip to the dump, recycling center, or local charity. This will give you a good base to work with and may even be enough of an accomplishment that you'll be happy to stop here!
  2. Clean the garage floors with a concrete floor cleaner. You may need to use an oil stain remover too. These types of cleaners are available at Lowe's and Home Depot. Make sure to follow all safety instructions when using them!
  3. Give the garage floor a good sweep to get the debris and bugs out. Follow up with a shop-vac in the hard to reach areas, up the walls, and in the corners.
  4. Consider coating your floor. This is a pretty big project, but is well worth the trouble. Whether you do it yourself or have a company do it, you'll need the floor spotless (as in the previous tip) and the garage will need to be empty. This process can take 1-2 days, then 3-5 days for drying... so plan ahead if you want to do this. In the end, you'll have a nice slick garage floor like a professional service shop or dealership.
  5. Don't forget to clean your garage door as well. You can do this with a broom, hose, and car wash soap. Just be sure not to disturb the cables, rollers, or spring. Just lightly sweep off the door front and back, then lightly soap the front of the door and hose it off. Wood doors may need to be cleaned differently, depending on how they are sealed.
  6. Organize your garage. Go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get an assortment of wall hooks and maybe a few special organizers like broom hangers. Get 2-3 shelves and brackets as well. Map out where you'd like things to go on the walls before you start working on the floor shelves and toolchests. You could start by putting all your paints and car care products on a shelf, your garden products on another shelf, your extension cords on hooks, and your brooms and rakes in a wall hanger. Take it a step further and mount peg boards to the wall. You'll be able to micro-organize things like wrenches and hammers.
  7. Get a couple of 4-5 level storage shelves (surprisingly affordable) and place them strategically in your garage along a wall or in corners. You'll be able to dedicate a shelf to a specific group of items like heavy tools, spare car parts, towels and safety gear, etc. Finally, organize any existing cabinetry or toolchests you may have.
  8. Hang some pictures, signs, or posters to finish your new look if you have an spare room on the walls. After it is all done, you'll be happy to spend more time in the garage and put your tools, garden equipment, and that convertible to use!


During the process, your garage may look like this.... floor cleaned and coated, organization shelves and equipment purchased and assembled. All that remains is choosing where to put it all!After you make your layout decisions, hang your wall hooks and shelves, organize your tools, and finish it off with some banners, posters, and a bartop your garage may look something like this:


With the use of a few shelves, you can free up a significant amount of floor space. Add a shelf and some wall hooks to maximize your space.


Utilizing peg board, you'll be able to free up space in your tool chest and organize your tools. The peg board also gives your garage nice 'finished' look.




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