Spring is Here! Time for a Garage Door Tune-Up

Spring is here and we all know spring cleaning doesn't just include vacuuming and dusting the blinds. If you are a proud homeowner, spring cleaning means some serious yard work, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and organization. What are you overlooking? Your garage door! Your garage door is a big piece of your home's aesthetic appeal and could use a good cleaning. We've talked about this before, offering tips for garage cleaning and organization as well as tips on cleaning your garage door. Those things will get you in pretty good shape, but don't forget that routine maintenance is important for your garage door.

Does your garage door not seal properly? Is it squeaky when opening/closing? Does it sit flush all the way across the driveway surface? Does your opener work reliably and quietly? We can certainly help with all of those things. However, some of the unseen things can make the biggest difference. Checking all the hardware, lubricating the tracks, and inspecting cables and pulleys are just some of the things that full garage door inspection and maintenance job can address.

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