Selecting The Right Garage Door

When it comes time to select a new garage door, you have more options than you probably realize. Garage doors are functional, but the right garage door can also offer a very aesthetic appeal to your home's exterior. Selecting a new garage door is much like going car shopping. You have lots of options, each with custom configurations. A great garage door company will have a garage door showroom or offer selection materials and assistance to help you select the perfect garage door for your home.

Garage Door Options:

  1. Manufacturer: There are lots of garage door manufacturers, but only a few great ones such as DoorLink or Hormann. The manufacturer can usually be narrowed down by your price range.
  2. Door Model: Each manufacturer sells mutltiple door models at different price points. While many options are configurable, the base garage door model will determine things such as construction material and r-value.
  3. Door Style: The style of the garage door's panels is usually customizable. Typical options include Traditional, Ranch, County, and Flush. Aside from a plain flush garage door, you are likely able to select long or short panel options for each style.
  4. Door Color: You may think white is the only garage door color you can get without spending a fortune, but different door colors are actually available for many garage door options at varying price points. White is certainly the most prevolent, but other options can include variations of tan, blue, and green.
  5. Door Windows: A garage door doesn't need windows to function, but windows are an option for both aesthetics and practicality (if you use your garage and need natural light inside). Options include standard windows, sunrise and arched windows, cross windows, and more.


Garage Door Styles






Garage Door Colors

*Available except Country design.


Garage Door Window Designs





Full Sunrise

Cross Arch



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