Increase the Resale Value of Your House with a New Garage Door

Have you ever had a nagging problem that has lingered in your mind for so long that when you finally addressed it you kicked yourself for not being more proactive? I recently changed my mattress. Perfectly fine I thought. My wife begged, nagged, and prodded until I finally gave in. We went to the mall. I bought a mattress. It wasn't cheap.

Here is the surprising thing, the following morning I woke up full of energy. Then I began to think about all those years of my sleeping life that I wasted.

Sure it took time to shop around and it was expensive but is there really anything, any one purchase, that could rival the new mattress, enjoyment per dollar? This equation runs through all of our consumer-driven minds on an on-going basis and I am here to throw another hat into the ring: the new garage door.

New Garage Doors, Curb Appeal, and Real Estate

It's spring. Birds sing in the distance. Flowers bloom. The sun shines. People are out exploring the neighborhood looking to buy a house. There is a moment, it only lasts a second, when a potential buyer looks at your house and decides whether or not it is attractive. It is a visceral reaction. They decide right then and there if they will walk through it or drive away. One of the biggest impacts on this decision is your garage door. Your garage door takes up 40% of the front of your house. The purchase/sale of a home is often the biggest financial transaction we make in our lives. If your garage door is dented, if its rotting, if the decor is dated or it is simply wrong for the aesthetics of the home, prospective buyers may receive the wrong signal. Garage doors are not as expensive as you probably think and the buying/installation process is often quick and painless. You don't always need a new garage door, but the addition of an attractive and quality garage door can make the difference in attracting the right buyer. You have to ask yourself, will you let the biggest financial transaction of your life simply drive on by?

A New Garage Door is Practical Too

Curb appeal is a strong reason to buy a garage door, but what really makes garage doors a dollar-for-dollar 'mattress rival' is their everyday functionality. First, garage doors insulate inexpensively. Today's materials are often lighter weight than traditional wood because they are typically designed with foam or polyurethane insulation. A modern insulated garage door helps transform a dark unusable storage space into an extension of the home.

Another thing to consider is repair/maintenance. Outdated doors go up and over your head and are potentially dangerous. If a garage door torsion spring breaks, you are stuck and need a garage door repair. Do yourself a favor: avoid this unpleasant problem, buy a new garage door today and start living the garage door life you never knew you were missing out on.

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