How to Deal with a Broken Torsion Spring

Some of the more inconvenient moments in life often happen when time is short and the schedule is full. To that point, think for a moment about your garage door. Usually a loyal ally, protecting you and and your property from anything from inclement weather to petty thievery. There is one moment when that faithful friend can turn into a vicious jail keeper. In that moment you probably have a broken torsion spring.

Truthfully not all garage door springs are torsion springs, but they all have the same purpose. The garage door spring is full of tension. This spring tension (although potentially dangerous) has a very important day to day function. It directs its energy through the cables to the bottom of the garage door. This spring tension is critical in handling the weight of the garage door. This instantly makes the torsion spring the most important item in the garage. When you have a broken torsion spring it is also instantly your worst enemy. You are trapped.

So what's next? First, lets be certain that you have a broken garage door torsion spring. Here are some broken garage door torsion spring symptoms in no particular order....

  • Garage Door is Super Heavy. Remember, without the garage door spring tension, your garage door is dead weight.
  • There is a Very Loud Noise. The torsion spring is notorious for making noise when it breaks. Often customers believe that a tree limb hit the house or report hearing a gunshot in the middle of the night. This noise is actually the garage door torsion spring releasing its tension.
  • There is a Visual Gap in the Spring. There is usually a 2" gap in a broken torsion spring.

The solution? There is salvation from this bedeviling problem for those in the know. Following these important guidelines can ensure peace of mind and a timely resolution.

  1. Realize you are trapped. Begin making calls to work, reschedule appointments etc. You need to carve out some time.
  2. Call a technician. Hopefully you have a good local garage door repair main you can trust in your Rolodex. If not, do your research now. You do not want to be caught in an emergency situation and be stuck with a salesman rather than a trusted ally. Try to steer away from large companies. They often contract labor out and pay their technicians a cut of the total bill. Check with resources such as Angie's List, Google Reviews and references such as neighbors and friends who can be a helpful starting point.
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