Garage Door Makeover! Check Out These Before and After Garage Door Photos

Home makeover shows are all over tv these days. HGTV has a list of over 30 of their favorite home makeover shows which doesn't even include The Vanilla Ice Project (the latest in crazy home makeover shows). These shows usually revolve around the typical renovation areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and decks. Sometimes they include a garage makeover, usually along the lines of turning a garage into a mancave. You don't have to get your home on national television in order to have a garage makeover though. You also don't have to clean out or reorganize your garage either. Simply upgrading your garage door can count not only as a garage makeover, but as a whole-home makeover as well.

Upgrading your garage door doesn't always have to be done out of necessity. There are plenty of good reasons to upgrade your already working garage door. You can improve the looks of your home, increase resale value, add curb appeal, raise HVAC efficiency, and more simply by upgrading your garage door. Ironically, the parts of the garage door that typically need replacing can stay just as they are if they are in good working order. You just need to replace the garage door itself to achieve a completely new look for your home.

We have replaced countless garage doors for many reasons over the years, including the aesthetic reasons previously mentioned. The end result can have a surprising impact on tthe looks and value of your home. This is why we have started a Garage Door Before and After gallery. Of course, our gallery isn't the only place you can find inspiration for a new garage door. Check out the following websites for more garage door ideas and inspiration!

Garage Door Guru Before and After Gallery

Better Homes and Gardens Garage Door Before and After Gallery

Houzz Garage Door Ideas

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