Common Garage Door Repair Issues, Solutions, and Who to Call?

If you are having issues with your garage door, keep in mind that a garage door system involves a number of parts, any one of which could be the cause of your issue. However, there are a few common garage door repair issues that may be the cause.

Garage Door Won't Open or Close:

If your garage door won't open or close when you press the remote or wall opener button, you may simply have the garage door locked. Check the button on your wall for a smaller 'lock' button. Press this button and try to open/close the garage door again. If that does not work, make sure that the sensors at each bottom corner of your garage door opening are pointing directly at one another. If they are out of alignment and you try to open/close the garage door, you will typically see the opener light flash a few times. This flashing pattern usually indicates a warning that something is obstructing the sensors from making a connection with one another, but can also indicate the sensors are out of alignment - yielding the same result: an unresponsive garage door.

Garage Door Sticks When Opening/Closing:

If your garage door open/close motion is not smooth or even 'sticks' at times, the chain that drives the door may require lubricating. This is a common service that your garage door professional can perform to help keep your garage door performing optimally.

Garage Door Spring is Broken:

Did you hear a loud bang in your garage? Does your garage door not open? You likely have a broken garage door torsion spring. If you didn't hear a bang, you can look at the spring and likely see a visible gap in the spring. If you think your garage door spring is broken, you should call a repair man for assistance. Replacing a broken garage door torsion spring is a dangerous job and should only be performed by professionals.

Garage Door is Off-Track:

Is your garage door binded, only moving slightly when you try to open or close it? Carefully check the tracks that your door is attached to and you may find that a roller is off the track. If you find that your garage door is off-track, you should call a repair man for assistance. An off-track garage door can be dangerous and should only be repaired by professionals.

Garage Door Bearings are Bad:

Is your garage door shaking as it goes up and down? Is there black dust on the garage door? Is your garage door extremely noisy? You likely have bad garage door bearings and need them replaced. The likely culprits are the center bearing plate, end bearing plates or rollers. This is a job for a professional, so make sure and call your garage door repair professional.

Garage Door Cables Need to be Replaced:

If your garage door seems slanted or tilted, you likely have a broken garage door cable. This causes the garage door's weight to shift and usually causes the garage door to go off-track. You can check your cables for fraying periodically, but a broken cable will be obvious to spot. Repair is suggested to be performed by a garage door repair professional, especially since the torsion spring is involved.

Garage Door Opener is Broken:

If all parts of your garage door system look fine and there are no signs of damage, you may have a bad garage door opener unit. The gears and electronics inside of the opener are hidden from sight and a broken garage door opener will cause your garage door to become unresponsive. It is suggested to replace a broken garage door opener rather than repair one. Newer units usually have extra features and better overall quality, so replacing your garage door opener has added benefits as well. This is a job for a garage door professional, who can also help you pick the right opener.

Now that you have an idea of what is wrong with your garage door, who do you call?

You can search Google, check the Yellow Pages, reference Angie's List, or ask a friend for a reference. If you search Google or Angie's List, you can read reviews and check into the garage door repair company before ever even calling them. Needless to say, the more positive reviews the better and a professional and informative website is a good sign as well. Of course, a personal reference goes a long way and the Yellow Pages can serve as a good tool.

After you have selected your primary garage door repair option, make sure and call to describe your garage door issues clearly. Keep in mind, not all garage door issues can be quoted over the phone so give your garage door repair professional a chance to see your issue if that is what is needed. Your garage door repair professional should be able to arrange a time to come see your garage door.

A quick Google search for 'garage door repair' will yield a lot of results, but possibly only a few real businesses. Garage Door Guru appears right on the first page. Be sure to take a close look at your local results as these often include ratings and reviews. Garage Door Guru appears with 13 reviews while others appear with 3-4 reviews. Garage Door Guru is the clear front-runner here, so give him a call and get your garage door issues fixed professionally, affordably, and quickly.

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