Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Man Cave

For many red-blooded American men, football season is the most exciting time of the year. And what better place to celebrate the season than your very own garage-turned-man-cave? If you've been dreaming of making the leap from car storage to pigskin heaven, read on for how to create the perfect man cave in just 3 easy steps. Remember there is a little more involved than just installing the Kegerator and the flat screen TV!

Step #1 - Keep it Safe

Remember, your garage door is the largest moving part of your house and can be dangerous. During temperature changes (especially in late fall), metal garage door springs can randomly break. Be absolutely sure that seating and expensive equipment and appliances are kept a good distance away from your extension or torsion springs. Torsion springs, bottom brackets, and garage door cables should never come into contact with yourself or your guests at any time. Instead, place your grill and other cooking equipment in this area by the garage door, so that any smoke or fumes can easily be vented outdoors. And speaking of grilling, never cook inside your garage with the garage door closed to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Step #2 - Keep it Fun

No matter how exciting the game, there will be moments when your guests will appreciate some alternative entertainment choices. Foosball, darts, and Nerf basketball are great examples of games that go great with football and don't take up too much space. Depending on your budget, other options range from Mini Air Hockey to a Stand-Up Arcade. And don't be afraid to get competitive with these games. Nothing inspires good old-fashioned trash talk like a head-to-head tournament during commercial breaks. Offer perks like priority seating or the power to pick the pizza toppings to winners, or just bragging rights until next Sunday.

Step #3 - Keep it Comfortable

Football season spans across both warm and cold temperatures, which can create opportunities to enjoy some spectacular weather, but can also threaten the comfort of your man cave. Since most garages are not heated or cooled, it is important to use your garage door as a defense against extreme temperatures outside. Therefore, any self-respecting cave master should seriously consider an insulated garage door. A door with polyurethane insulation and a steel layer on the back usually offers the best R value. Additionally, you may want to think about a garage door screen that would open up your man cave to give you access to driveway grilling and some of the best weather of the year.

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