Build a Custom Garage Door with the Garage Door Guru!

Why settle for a plain old garage door when you can build a custom garage door with the help of the Garage Door Guru? Not only are there a number of base garage door models to choose from, but each garage door model has a large array of customization options as well.

Start by selecting a garage door model. Models include the high quality DoorLink Model 510 Garage Door entry level door, the high quality steel back DoorLink Model 3610 Garage Door, the Hormann 4200 Garage Door flagship garage door, and the Hormann Phoenix Garage Door custom luxury model. These garage door models cover multiple price-points while all offering high quality and workmanship.

Once you've selected the base garage door model, you can pick from color, window, and panel configuration options. Each door model has a different set of configuration options. Even the entry level DoorLink Model 510 Garage Door and DoorLink Model 3610 Garage Door can be custom configured with these options. Our flagship Hormann 4200 Garage Door offers an extended number of panel designs, colors, and windows. Our top end large panel Hormann Phoenix Garage Door offers additional color options and detailed panel design options. You can build a one-of-a-kind garage door by selecting the options that suit your style and your home best.

You can view garage door specs, features, color options, windows options, panel options, and more in our garage doors section.

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