How To Escape A Broken Garage Door

Broken Door Calamity

It's a late, quiet night in the Charlotte area. You're asleep or about to be. Nothing unusual. Then it happens. A crash reverberates through the entire house. Was it a gunshot? A nasty auto accident outside? Did a tree branch hit the house?

After surveying the situation, the good news is no one was hurt. Unfortunately, the main torsion spring on your garage door broke.

This torsion spring has a pinnacle function. It creates a lot of tension that pulls on the torsion bar, which sends force to the cables and ultimately to the bottom bracket of the door, making a very heavy object weight-less. Your cars are now held captive by a massive garage door.

Planning Your Car's Rescue:

The safest way out of your garage? Call your Charlotte professional for garage door repair. Don't attempt this yourself. This is dangerous territory. Another option to escape your garage dilemma is quick action plus brute force. For this you'll need a pair of vise grips and three powerful, muscular, dependable men assembled in the garage. Next, disconnect the automatic garage door opener by pulling the red string. Press the button to run the slide to the top.

Garage Door Gangway!

The garage door may drop a few inches. Heed caution: STAY CLEAR. Situate one person at each end of the door and another in the middle. Have one person at the end "vise grip ready". On the count of three, everyone lifts the door all the way up.

Hopefully, the trolley clicks into the opener slide you just ran to the top. Just in case, clip a vise grip under a wheel. Pull the captive cars out and enjoy sweet relief.

With time on your side, research and find a reasonable, local, garage door company in your Charlotte area to replace the broken torsion spring. Note: If only one of two torsion springs installed is broken, it's ALWAYS recommended both be replaced. This prevents another garage door debacle from recurring again in a few months.

Broken Garage Door Do's and Don'ts

  • Garage doors are dead weight without torsion springs. ALWAYS spot it, or it may come crashing down.
  • Keep the area beneath the door clear of people and cars. Garage doors are extremely dangerous if they fall.
  • NEVER start a car in a closed garage where toxic fumes accumulate.
  • Watch your fingers between the door panels.
  • NEVER touch a loaded spring (a spring that hasn't lost tension).
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