A Working Garage Door is Something to be Thankful for!

The weather is getting colder and the Christmas music is on the radio. Thanksgiving is nearly here! There are so many things to be thankful for each day, but one thing that often goes unappreciated is a working garage door. Many people use their garage door as the primary entry point to their home. When is the next time you will open your garage door? Tonight? Tomorrow morning? What if it doesn't open or close? A working garage door plays a large part in your ability to make it to work on time each day, keep your car and home secure, and so much more.

If you've ever been stuck due to a broken garage door, you know just how thankful you can be for a working one! Even with a working a garage door, the cold weather can expose the shortfalls your garage door has when it comes to insulation and sealing. There is nothing quite like a cozy garage on those cold nights and mornings! A quality garage door like the Hormann Taurus 4200 will provide a nice seal as well as top-notch insulation.

If you'd like your garage door inspected, fixed, or replaced give us a call at 704-661-9070 or contact us online. We are here to help and we can guide you when it comes to selecting the perfect garage door that you can be thankful for!

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