7 Tips for Picking a Garage Door Repair Company

When you are need of garage door repair, it is usually not a planned occurrence. Unless you have established a relationship with a local garage door repair company previously, you may find yourself in a bind when the need for garage door repair catches you by surprise. While you may not need garage door repair now, you should prepare for when that time comes. Preparing is simple, just remember these 7 tips for picking a garage door repair company and you'll be on the right track in no time!

  1. Use a personal reference or a quick Google search to generate some possible garage door repair candidates to choose from. If you don't have a personal reference, do a quick Google search for "garage door repair" and you'll quickly find plenty of options.
  2. Filter the possible garage door repair companies down to only the local ones. You can usually quickly determine if a garage door repair company is local or not by looking at their website or giving them a quick call. Does their site look generic? Do they have a local area code? Is their business address local? These questions can quickly help you to trim down the selection of companies to work with.
  3. Take a quick look at the Google reviews for any garage door repair company you are considering. These reviews are now required to be left by 'real' people and are some of the most trustworthy reviews online. You'll want to look for any companies with a large number of reviews and a high average rating.
  4. Check out any potential garage door repair company on Angie's List and the BBB. If they are not listed, don't write them off, but if they are listed you may find some valuable customer feedback and reviews.
  5. Take a good look through the garage door repair company's website. Do they have one? Is it being updated? Are there current promotions or coupons? Is there a photo gallery of their previous work or their showroom?
  6. Make some calls. Is the company responsive? Are they willing to come take a look at your garage door and provide an estimate? Are they courteous and thorough? Make sure and get the name of the person you spoke with and get any estimates in writing.
  7. Your ultimate decision should be made based on responsiveness, reputation, courtesy, thoroughness, and pricing. Be careful to not give in to the lowest price garage door repair service if that company doesn't pass other 'sniff' tests.

After your garage door repair is completed make sure to leave a review on Google or Angie's List to help out others who are also in need of garage door repair. You will become a personal reference for others, so be sure and share your experiences with others who may be on the search for a garage door repair company. A garage door repair company is like other services such as auto shops or HVAC repair businesses in that once you find a good one, you become a customer for life. Don't settle for bad garage door repair service and once you find good garage door repair service, stick with it and spread the word!

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